Maka Social

Maka Social incorporated is a Tampa, FL-based Corporation founded in 2019 with the vision of putting the "social" back in the social network. The rise of social media has given us the opportunity to express ourselves and connect to people around the world like never before; urbanization has created larger, more tightly packed communities. However, loneliness in the Western World is on the riseIn fact, it was declared a public health epidemic by American Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. If we are surrounded by people, it stands to reason that loneliness is not a matter of opportunity, but a product of our own culture and psychology. Our company is building an app that addresses those cultural and psychological barriers, allowing anyone - from the life of the party to the shyest person in the room - to form new, meaningful social ties quickly and easily.


At the time of this writing, in December 2021, we have 4 team members. Our first prototype has recently been released for Beta Testing and can be found here. We are in the "friends and family" stage of investment, and would absolutely love to make new friends and family.  Please contact our CEO, Michael Freed, michael.freed@maka.social to discuss investment opportunities.

For more information about the Maka Social App, visit our "About the App" page.

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Our Mission

Maka Social exists to use technology to improve mental health by ending loneliness and isolation.