Bars, Coffee Shops, and Tea Rooms are the most common places for people to gather. We can make your venue a place where people gather more effectively and want to come back to do it again. The basic subscription includes.

  • Permanent Maka Social Presence at your location.

  • 1 profile image

  • Assign up to 4 co-hosts

  • select the amenities you offer so that guests can find you more easily

  • Your venue will be visible in a list of participating locations sorted by distance on users' home screens.

  • 250 flyers to be given to customers and 2 posters to inform them of your new product.




If you want your venue to stand out in the Maka Social App, our premium subscription has you covered.

You get everything that a basic venue gets plus

  • We'll throw a kickoff party at your place to show your guests how Maka Social works.

  • You get up to 8 additional photos in addition to your main photo

  • Add your drink special schedule

  • Add your entertainment schedule

  • enhanced amenity selection

  • show how many Maka Social Users are active at your location.

  • 500 flyers to be given to customers and 4 posters to inform them of your new product.




Universities, Military Bases, Cities, and large companies are among the customer types where we can help a large number of people who truly need us. This product class cannot be purchased online because each agreement of this size will be unique. This information can give an approximation of what to expect.

  • Permanent Maka Social presence in all covered areas. Ex: cafeteria, library, rec center, etc. 

  • All locations will be visible on the home screen either to the public or just your members.

  • Appropriate print material to inform your population of our presence.

  • We host a kick-off party to further spread the initial word.

$350/mo for two locations. +$75/mo for each addl. loc.