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Why Use Maka Social?

Are you shy? Are you socially confident, but find small talk to be frustrating?

Do you ever wish that shy, interesting soul would come to you instead of another confident person bringing empty conversation about the weather?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Maka Social is going to change your life.


Our app provides on demand conversation with real people, face to face in the real world and we make it so easy, anyone can do it.

All you have to do is create a profile, go to a participating location and check in to see who wants to meet someone new. Their profile will give you everything you need to say hello and jump straight into a meaningful and comfortable conversation. For more details, visit our page on how the app works.


Maka Social is free to use as it is financially supported by the participating location. We do offer a few upgrades you can choose like an ad free experience, verified identification, and background checks.

The most exciting upgrade is the Maka Party feature which allows users to turn any event into a participating location for a day and treat your guests to a social experience like no other.

Upgrade Pricing

  • Ad free - $4.95 per year

  • Verified ID - $4.95 one time

  • Background Check - $29.95 expires in 2 years

  • Maka Party - $20 per party with bulk pricing available for frequent users and party planners.

*Pricing is tentative and may have to change after launch. ​

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