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How Maka Social

helps Users

Our app is designed to make a real positive impact on the mental health of our user community by addressing loneliness, the leading cause of depression and anxiety, and doing it in a new and healthy way that we can feel good about. We're not another social media app that often leaves users feeling even more lonely, frustrated, and socially unfulfilled than without it. We're also not a dating app that focuses on only romantic companionship based on superficial selection criteria and often taking weeks of effort to pay off. Instead, we provide on-demand conversation, right here right now and we make it so easy that anyone from the most socially confident to the most severe social anxiety sufferer can feel comfortable participating.


Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has declared loneliness a public health epidemic. In addition to a variety of physical symptoms that can be as bad as smoking, loneliness is the leading cause of both depression and general anxiety disorder.

In an increasingly crowded world where we are always surrounded by people, loneliness is not a matter of opportunity, but one of our own culture and psychology. We just don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers. This is especially difficult for more than half of American adults who suffer from mild to severe social anxiety.

Maka Social helps break down those cultural and psychological barriers that keep us apart, making it easy for anyone to meet new people and really get to know them more quickly, making friends and contacts faster than has ever been possible before.

The Maka Social App addresses the three barriers that make us all uncomfortable with meeting strangers, the fear of rejection, the fear of small talk or having nothing to say, and the concern for personal safety. 


We also address the two forms of confidence problems at the heart of social anxiety and shyness. Armed with the tools in our app, we can increase the confidence of anyone who isn’t sure of their skills to actively make new connections. Users can also choose to passively increase the chances of someone else finding them interesting just by signing in and hanging out. A gamification system can also help give participants a nudge to get out a little out of their comfort zone.

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