Professional Networking Made Easy

Maka Social helps Professionals network more effectively by making it easy to get beyond a name and a job title and get to know people on a deeper level.


We'll be launching a version of our app for Chambers of Commerce and other Professional Networking Organizations very soon. Sign Up Now for Launch Announcements.

Our Customer is the Networking Organization itself, and they can provide our service at meetings for your benefit. We need your help in meeting the decision makers of your favorite group.

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Make Friends
Not Contacts


YOU make you unique, Not your job.

It's not always easy to stand out when you're not the only person in the room with the same profession. We help you showcase who you are, not just what you do.

Opposite of Speed Networking.

Thirty Seconds is not enough time to showcase your talents. With our app, the conversation can continue effortlessly.

Know, Like, and Trust Faster.

The whole idea of networking is to meet other professionals that you eventually come to know, like and trust. With constant contact and small talk, this can take a very long time. Maka Social can accelerate the process making lasting friendships possible in a single meeting.

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How itworks

For Users

  • There is no cost  to  participate as a user.

  • Create a Profile including:

    • Name​

    • Occupation

    • What is the most interesting thing about you?

    • 5 -10 of your favorite conversation topics

    • A few other biographical fields

  • Go to the location of a participating organization

  • Use the app to join a meeting in progress at your current location.

  • Joining makes your profile visible to other attendees and you will be able to see them as well.

  • Take a selfie which will be temporarily attached to your profile so other users will be able to recognize and find you.

  • Find someone of interest through the app and locate them with their photo, or by a real world queue and use their photo or name to find their profile.

  • Approach them and use a conversation starter in their profile to start a conversation that matters to them transcending job title or small talk.


​For Organizers

  • Create a Profile

  • Purchase Meeting Credits ranging from $7 to $15 each depending on purchase volume

  • Spend a credit to create a meeting space at a specific time and place.

  • Set an optional password or QR code to join and make it visible or invisible.

  • Choose which filters are visible (relationship status might be ok for a mixer, but inappropriate for a chamber of Commerce gathering)

  • Inform your attendees that this meeting is being enhanced by Maka Social, they can download the app from the app store, and the name of the meeting.

  • This app enhances face to face communication. Attendees must be in the same GPS location to log into the meeting.

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Easily Enhance any Real World Networking Event

Maka Social can be used at any gathering where people are encouraged to interact. This could be anything from the local Chamber of Commerce Meeting to a Professionals Meetup or even a private party. 

Mingle with Confidence.

Walking into a room full of strangers can be anxiety-inducing even for the most experienced of social butterflies. Maka Social can help users see individuals in the crowd who are signaling they want to talk, making the approach far less stressful.

Say Goodbye to Small Talk.

Even the most confident networker can benefit from knowing exactly what to say to engage someone else in the room with something that matters to them. No more guesswork and no more boring conversations about the weather.

Real Social Networking
For the real world