Maka Social is a New Tool Helping Bars and Cafes Earn More in several ways!


Many people in these professions regularly attend networking communities where everyone is encouraged to announce their jobs. Our app is designed to boost your networking efforts here too by helping you more quickly reach a state of “know, like, and trust.”  We take information volunteered by the people sitting around you, designed to help you go beyond a person’s job, and put it in your hands. Our process empowers you to skip the awkward small talk and get straight to a conversation that matters to both of you, forming tighter friendships faster.

Imagine sitting around your favorite place to hang out with a sign over your head that says, “I’m a realtor,” “I’m a financial planner,” or “I’m a dog sled detailer.” How much easier do you think it would be to attract business if you had a polite way to draw clients to you?


Participation in Maka Social as a networking opportunity is free for users. The paying customer will either be the location, or the group organizer and pricing will vary depending on circumstances. Locations that participate continuously will be billed at $100 per month with discounts for annual subscriptions or if they are only active a few days a week. A networking group that may change locations or meets only a few hours a day will be a variation of our On-Demand Maka Party feature. This is billed on a credit basis starting at $14.99 per credit with discounts for buying many credits at once.