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Everyone Loves a Party!

What's not to love? There's music, food, friends, loads of interesting strangers, and crippling shyness preventing nearly half of your guests from talking to them.

For more than 40% of American adults, a party can range from a stressful prospect to a terrifying one, because for these people, talking to strangers doesn't come easy. Shyness and sometimes even social anxiety can really affect the enjoyment of your guests. You can see them out there on their phones, huddling close to the person they came with, or spending the whole night in a delightful conversation with the dog.


Maka Social has the answer. Our app can help even the shyest of your guests mingle with confidence by:

  • showing them which other guests are receptive

  • showing them custom icebreakers chosen by those guests to make real conversation and skip the awkward small talk

  • easily report inappropriate behavior to the host and to us to maintain safe interactions

  • or even let them sign on just to show they want to be approached by someone else.

While the Maka Social App can be a lifeline for people who are shy, it has clear benefits for the socially confident as well. How many more quality connections could you make without having to make laborious small talk with strangers hoping to find something interesting to talk about? 

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