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How the Maka Social App Works

Our process addresses the barriers that can make meeting new people uncomfortable by ...

  • Reducing the possibility of rejection

  • Providing you with personalized icebreakers so you'll always know the right thing to say and

  • Functioning within controlled environments with an assortment of safety features 

STEP 1: Create your profile.

It’s deliberately simple to help users get talking instead of reading. It will include your…​​

  • Name

  • Birth date

  • Gender

  • Relationship Status

  • Relationship Preference

  • What you think is the most interesting thing about you

  • Five to Ten interests you like to talk about

We'll also add whether you have verified your identity or purchased a background check to your profile as a safety feature for other users.​


STEP 2: Pick a destination

 We’ll show you a list of participating locations near you. These could be a public location such as a bar or cafe, or it could be a members only location like a school cafeteria. Each location on the list will show you how many users are already active there so you can see where the hot spots are, or just pick your favorite spot and wait for other users. Pick a location from the list and go hang out.

STEP 3: Set Your Filters

You have complete control over what kind of people you want to meet by setting filters on the bio information. Filters will affect both who you can see and who can see you.


STEP 4: Check in to the location and take a Selfie

By checking into the location, you are telling other people who are in the same place and meet your filters that you are approachable and receptive to meeting someone new. The current selfie with no filters helps other users find you in the crowd.

STEP 5: Make Contact

You can wait for other users to see your profile and approach you or take a more active role. Browse the profiles of other users checked in to the same location. Pick one to approach. Locate them in the room using their current selfie. Introduce yourself and tell them you saw them on Maka Social. Use one of the conversation starters to jump straight into a conversation with them and skip over the small talk.


Additional Features


  • Users can report others for misusing the app. Reports get forwarded to the venue so they can determine if interference is appropriate. The 3 strike rule applies. Everybody has a bad night, but habitual abusers will be permanently banned from the app.

  • Accounts are based on phone numbers, not email addresses. Therefore, it is very difficult to come back with a fake account.

  • If a violent crime or theft occurs, we will cooperate fully with law enforcement. For "victimless" crimes we will err on the side of privacy.

  • Users can pay for upgrades like verified ID and background checks. Any user can filter on these, but buying these upgrades can help you build trust and be seen by other users.


Bonus User Features

  • MAKA PARTY allows users to pay a small fee to turn any event from a house party to a networking event into a participating location for 24 hours. You can help your friends get to know each other factor or form tight professional contacts anywhere and at any time.

  • GAMIFICATION - to give users a little nudge or dare to make new friends, we're going to offer a points system. Points can be used for awards or even product discounts at participating locations.

  • CASH BONUSES for signing up your favorite place to hang out.

Bonus Venue Features

  • ROBUST VENUE PROFILE - Venues can add up to 5 photos, an events calendar, drink specials calendar, summary, and expanded site description.

  • WELCOME MESSAGE - When a user checks in to a location, they can be greeted by a special message from the venue. This can be anything you want from a simple hello to today's specials.

  • SPONSORED LISTINGS can allow you to appear at the top of the directory.

  • Venues can see ANONYMIZED DATA letting you know the interests of your customers.

  • BARTENDER ACCOUNTS can see everything a normal user can but have the option of being invisible allowing them to connect more strongly with customers when things are slow, but not be bothered when business picks up. It also allows them to be themselves in their profiles without having to worry about offending customers.

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