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The Only Real Social Network is People.

How many more people could you meet in the real world if you knew they were approachable and you knew exactly what to say? What if we threw in a few safety features to reduce the risk even further? What if we even dared you to do it?

Yeah, there's finally an app for that!

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Individual Users

Colleges and Universities


Party Planning


The Military

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Bars and Cafes


Every Other Place Where People Socialize

For Users

Our app breaks down the cultural and psychological barriers that prevent us from meeting the people who are around us every day and form lasting bonds with those people more quickly. Whether you are trying to meet business contacts, new friends, a romantic partner, or just a momentary conversation, Maka Social makes it easy.


Party Planning

Whether you're a professional party planner, or just trying to throw the best house party ever, Maka Social can help your guests throw shyness to the wind and mingle with confidence at your next event.

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Bars & Cafes

Maka Social helps bars, cafes, and similar social venues increase revenue and customer satisfaction by taking their social environment to the next level.

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Colleges & Universities

Maka Social can take some of the pressure of overtaxed Campus Mental Health Resources by helping students build healthy social support systems faster and preventing the depression and anxiety caused by loneliness and isolation.

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Servicemembers are one of the highest risk groups mental illness and the least likely to seek treatment. Maka Social can help our military members and their families form quality social connections faster after each reassignment or deployment, helping to push back the loneliness which is the leading cause of depression and anxiety.

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Literally Anywhere Else that People Gather

We've chosen bars, colleges, and the military as the types of places where we are needed most and we can reach the most people, but Maka Social is perfect for enhancing social interactions in any place where people gather. We've had people ask us to sign up their churches, offices, book stores, game shops, and even a grocery store and kayaking group. If you've got a place you hang out and want to improve the social environment there, we can work something out.

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