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Meet the Guests
Without the Stress

The happy couple is providing a unique tool to help even the shyest party guests chat with confidence and skip the small talk.

Download the Maka Social app now and get mingling.


  1. Download the app

  2. Create an account using your phone number.

  3. Complete your profile. (The more effort you put into this step, the more you'll get out of the experience, but if you get stuck, you can update it later.)

  4. Check in to the party from the home screen.

  5. Take a selfie so others can find you.

  6. You could stop here and let others approach you, but you're braver than that right?

  7. View the profiles of the people that interest you and locate them using their selfie.

  8. Approach and use the conversation topics in their profile to start a conversation that matters to both of you.

  9. Make a new friend.

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